Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hey swagernauts many of you are having trouble earning those swagbucks. This blog will help you out if you are trying to reach your goal.

1.Searching-your main way of getting swagbucks. What I do is I search about 3-4 times a day. A couple of tips are don't
type in random letters and search. Another tip is that wait about 1 minute before you do your next search and finally
 DON'T USE BOTS!!! you will get banned

2.Daily Polls-Daily Polls will get you swagbuck by simply answering a question. One swagbuck may not seem like a lot but if you did that a whole year that is 365 swagbucks.

3.NOSO-This will get you 2 swagbucks a day. All you have to do is skip all the ads and at the end it will give you CAPTCHA to fill out.

4.Games-Games is another way you can earn swagbucks for ever 2 games you play you get 2 swagbucks. Wait for the ad to pass and play once or twice then move onto another game. You can earn up to 10 swagbucks a day.

5.Tool Bar-Download the swagbucks tool bar and earn 1 swagbuck a day. Once again in a year that is 365 swagbucks.

6.SwagBucks TV-Another good way to earn swagbucks. For every 10 videos you watch you will earn 3 swagbucks and the max you can earn using swagbucks TV is 75 swagbucks. I suggest to not go for the max because swagbucks thinks that you are using a bot and will ban your account. Like I said Before

7.Refferals-Refferals will help you reach your goal. Tell all your friends, neighbors, uncles, aunts any that you can get to help you out to reach your goal.

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